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While the recipes may call for flour and sugar, the not-so-secret ingredient of The Sweet Tooth Fairy gourmet bake shop is a dash of sweet nostalgia.

When Megan Faulkner Brown opened her first Sweet Tooth Fairy location in 2009, she did so with a dedication to delivering tasty treats and sweet memories for all customers. 

Since then, more locations have opened their doors, each still built on this commitment to fostering memorable moments.




When explaining the inspiration behind The Sweet Tooth Fairy, Megan recalls her childhood tradition of watching her mother bake bread each Saturday morning. She describes waking up to the wafting smell of baking honey and wheat, and how she came to understand the love that her mother infused into every loaf. These qualities are mixed into each and every recipe.

(Megan is pictured here in 2008 in her then-basement kitchen turned bakery beginnings) 




The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakes every cupcake, cookie, bar and Cakebite from scratch, using high quality ingredients and an understanding of how each product can play a part in an individual’s day.

Upon entering each Sweet Tooth Fairy bake shop, customers are greeted by the intoxicating smell of freshly baked cupcakes, Cakebites, bars and cookies, made from scratch and mixed from Brown’s own recipes. 

Customers can choose from dozens of flavors, including Red Velvet, Double Fudge, Fairyfetti®, Strawberry Shortcake, Salted Caramel—including special monthly flavors.




No matter which treat they deem their favorite, with each enticing bite, fans of the Fairy create a lasting memory. Whether celebrating a birthday or finding comfort from a difficult day, this memory is fashioned in The Sweet Tooth Fairy's enchanting atmosphere.

The shop’s blue striped walls, crystal chandeliers, marble topped counters and wrought iron fixtures give the gourmet bake shop the innocent aura of a sophisticated soda shop. Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Bing Crosby and other crooners from the 20’s and 30’s serenade customers, providing a vintage medley for making memories. 



With Charm

Sparkly clean, the store serves as sorbet for the soul, refreshing and revitalizing the visitor in a hurry or the longer lingerer. Each treat is dressed to impress in The Sweet Tooth Fairy’s charming packaging, reminding each guest that something sweet and special resides inside. 

From its elegant environment to its beautifully baked delights, The Sweet Tooth Fairy is committed to helping each customer experience sweet memories, one batch at a time.

After all, according to Fairy philosophy, if you are what you eat then you should eat something sweet.




The Sweet Tooth Fairy is more than a cupcake shop, though with Megan’s winning appearance on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, we are often identified as such.

Each unique flavor is still developed in Megan's own kitchen, with inspired pinches, dashes and splashes.




The Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebites® have become a celebrity in their own delicious right, appearing twice on the "Rachael Ray Show," and featured in Martha Stewart Weddings online and Woman's Day Magazine.

It is estimated that The Sweet Tooth Fairy bakes more than 120,000 Cakebites each month, enough to line more nearly two miles with chocolate-covered goodness.




The Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebite® represents the pinnacle of this creative process, taking the best parts of each dessert and combining them to form an entirely new genre of treat.

This bite-sized beauty takes The Sweet Tooth Fairy’s delicious cake, mixes in creamy frosting and other inclusions, dips this mixture in chocolate and adds a sweet garnish for a rich, dense, divine sensation. 

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